Call For Papers

Full-Day Interactive Virtual Workshop at Agile 2021

Geographic-Aware Technologies (i.e. any type of technology taking the geographic and spatial context of its users into account) have recently seen increasing interest in a variety of research communities. Similarly, emerging technologies such as augmented, mixed or virtual reality have become popular methods for investigating research questions related to geographic space, both, in-situ and lab-based. The topics covered in these studies range from navigation to human-environment interaction and, more general, interaction with spatial data.

The workshop aims to bring together researchers from different areas who share an interest in Geographic-Aware Technologies (e.g., augmented and virtual reality) for research questions related to spatial information and Spatial Human-Computer Interaction. We envision a highly interactive workshop, stirring discussions on new topics or existing solutions based on position/vision papers. We, therefore, invite position/vision papers (max. length: 2 pages, see below for guidelines) which are related, but not restricted to at least one of the following areas (an extended list of topics can be found on the website)

  • Geographic-Aware XR Technologies (i.e., augmented, mixed and virtual reality) as a research tool (e.g., augmenting the environment for navigation experiments)
  • Human-Environment interaction as a means of Spatial Human-Computer Interaction
  • Novel Human-Computer Interaction modes and modalities for XR technologies
  • Visualization techniques for (spatial) information involving Geographic-Aware Technologies
  • Geographic-Aware Technologies as a means to study human (visuo-)spatial cognition
  • XR technologies to foster new evaluation methods
  • XR technologies for Location Based Services

Submission Guidelines

Submitted position/vision papers must not exceed two pages (excl. references) and will be reviewed (single blind) by at least two programme committee members. The final versions will be made publicly available as proceedings having a DOI through the Open-Access repository of the TU Wien. At least one of the paper authors must register for the conference. Please use this LaTex template for your submission. Please submit your papers by email to

Workshop Format

We are aiming at a highly interactive, full day workshop. Using Zoom as a software, this will be particularly feasible given the online setting of the whole workshop. In the morning, presenters are required to give a 5-minute pitch of their position/vision paper. We plan to group these presentations in blocks of three. Furthermore, we will ask each of the workshop participants to provide a counterargument for one of the position papers. These arguments will be exchanged immediately after a block and are expected to stir the discussion of the plenary. Next on the agenda will be the identification of topics taken from the presentations and discussions in small breakout groups. Based on the plenary discussions and related to the expertise of the group members, they are required to discuss short-, medium- and long-term research goals regarding Spatial HCI and Geographic-Aware Technologies. We expect groups to be very specific regarding their immediate goals, i.e., to come up with ideas on collaborative research efforts achievable within a timeframe of approx. one year. We plan to allow for 3 hours of group discussions excluding the lunch break. In the afternoon, each of the groups is required to present their results to the others within a 10-minute presentation. A 20-minute discussion phase will follow each of the presentations. Based on these presentations and discussions, participants will collaboratively work on creating a graphical representation of the short-, medium- and longterm research goals and their interdependencies.

Important Dates

Submission Deadline: April 20th, 2021 extended to May 5th, 2021
Notification of Acceptance: May 10th, 2021 May 20th, 2021
Final Versions Due: May 25th, 2021 May 31st, 2021
Workshop Date: Tuesday, June 8th, 2021
Please note: All dates are given in the AOE timezone.

Program Committee

Prof. Dr. Sven Bertel, Flensburg University of Applied Sciences
Prof. Dr. Sarah Creem-Regehr, University of Utah
Prof. Dr. Sara Irina Fabrikant, University of Zurich
Prof. Dr. Carsten Ke├čler, Aalborg University
Prof. Dr. Bernd Ludwig, University of Regensburg
PD Dr. Holger Schultheis, University of Bremen
Prof. Dr. Martin Raubal, ETH Zurich


If you have any questions feel free to contact us at any time at: